Tuesday, 14 May 2013

(Article) Random Unknown TV themes

Something i mentioned to a guy that comes down twice recently and bought some of my vinyl collection.  Some TV themes that are well known, but not known, as in the original artist

The most well known theme has got to be the original F1 theme.
Now for a very long time, i wondered where the BBC got that from. People kept saying, Chains, by Fleetwood Mac. I thought, okay..I checked out the album, Rumours, what the track was on.  Got to chain and it was only then i realised that the BBC had only used the second half of the song for the theme.  I thought that a unique approach

The most recent discovery and probably the least known, is the original artist of the theme to, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.  As i thought for years, recorded by the BBC, right, wrong...as it happened, by accident i found the original.

The band, is famous, The Eagles, the album, One of these Nights.  Now, this would be the last place anyone would look.  It turns out the 30 second theme, is taken from the 6 minute song, Journey of the sourserer. I played the album, even before i knew about this.  When i got the song, i thought, whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I thought yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, i found it.

Most 30 second themes have a full length version somewhere.. The Eagles, is probably the biggest suprise for a source for a theme. The only thing i can asumme, is that the BBC took that segment and rerecorded the theme with musicians of their own, which is possible

What themes do you know that are very popular, but the act artists is not
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