Thursday, 9 May 2013

Radio show live performances at General Foods

Update: August 3rd 2013

As of the date above, all special guest shows will be broadcast from General Foods

I have tested a mobile broadcast recently and everything is set.
Like all live performances on radio, i back up the recording, as well as the broadcast recording.
The venue does not open until 7pm in the evening and closes at 12pm Friday and Saturday. It takes roughly about half hour to a hour to sort out kit, depends if any problems arise, so looking at 8pm start, which is the usual time my show is on
I have added a new blog regarding this subject. You can now donate with music insentives. Want to hear a lot more broadcasts and more guests? you can donate via a booking fund, which has been set up
More here

Original blog

Like i said in the previous blog, regarding another location for radio shows, the idea/ plan changes
I don't mind paying for somewhere, as long as it does not hit my pocket too hard and really no where is going to do it for free?

Of course, this is not free, but probably the best way of doing this at the moment.  There is a rehearsal room, located at, General Foods Sport and Social Club, in, Banbury. Many bands used this facility and i have when i was with a band, The Doolallays.

Moving the radio shows at least once a month is something i have been wanted to to since i started.  This is especially when you have guests over, performers, you need more room.  This room is only £12 for 3 hours, which is a damn good deal

If a better deal comes on the table, or a venue offers room, you can contact us  07810518778   or text me on that number

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

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