Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Popdogs, Ashbury Keys and Norman Kelsey and the IPO

Throughout the month of May these bands will be featuring these bands. The reason? they are playing at the annual, International Pop Overthrow Festival, in Liverpool and London this year

Norman and Ashbury are travelling from America to perform and Popdogs are from Lincoln, England and travelling to Liverpool to perform

Norman Kelsey,

will reminds you of, Prince, Stevie Wonder in style and i am sure many others. He has a very nice retro/ modern R&B Pop style

have an England/ American Pop feel, with their light heard and on occasion darker lyrics on their new album. Cool Cats for Pop Dogs

Ashbury Keys

Are more Rock /pop with heavier sound, with a R
R.E.M feel. They have an ep, Wakeup, an aother and new recordings

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