Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Video Interviews

Video interview is one of the areas of radio i have always wanted to do.  The problem is recording it and enough bandwidth for at least an hour as videos take up a lot more information through your router

Google have come up with a video stream and you can record it at the same time and it goes straight onto Youtube.  The only two downsides, one ,the quality transfer is not 100% or not what i expected and the other, it takes up a lot of bandwidth.

Having a live video interview no one will able to see live, unless they join Google hangouts, whihch is actually better that Skype.  We are going to try Hangouts at some point with a straight to Youtube interview.

This will not be broadcast on Music World Radio or i would like to if it does not interfer with the stream running
Video interviews are pretty cool, people who join in, get to see who writes and performs the music there are hearing and i just love the interviewing of band

We will have to wait and see who this is going to happen

Interested in having a test tune, contact us thought google + or all linked anyway :)

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