Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Remix competition

Yes, it's competition time....this time with a difference.

I thought why not have a REMIX competition.  The prize is to replace the current jingle on my Radio Variety Show. I have two LIVE shows a week and all shows are podcasted on mixcloud

In order to enter, all you have to do to is send an e-mail with your name, the subject is jingle remix competition and ask for the two guitar and vocals files which i have recorded for this competition. The song is called independents as its related to the show

It does not matter what style or sound you record in, but of course there is only one winner.
Deadline is 31st October and the competition show special is on Monday November 5th.

This was thought up as people have been remixing the lyrics have been receiving from Gary Corman and my own writting and i thought, why not write a song and do it as a radio competition. Music Revolution Promotion competition

For all information go here

Or direct to my e-mail

Thankyou for reading and enjoy

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