Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bond, your time is up, move over for Mission Impossible

We have now got a Blueray player and for the first time watched a Blueray film we bought.  We have been wanting to see Mission Impossible 4 for a while as we have seen all the others and Mission Impossible 3 was shockingly good.

It makes me wonder with the bond films, now, in the present time.  I have nothing against Daniel Craig, i liked Casino Royale, but i think James Bond franchise is losing steam a bit and something is missing

We watched Mission Impossible 4 tonight and i am not comparing one against the other in terms of the older bond films here.  MI as films have only been in the film world since 1996. Its the more recent bond productions that am questioning.  You can almost guarantee a hit with Tom Cruise. When he releases another MI, you know your going to get entertainment and he never lets you down.
Tom Cruise seems to know every move you want to see. There is never a dull moment, its intelligent in the way of actions scenes, many things are unexpected, which is rare in a film these days and the cast is always pretty good.  I like the fact he has actually stayed clear of yet another remixing the film theme, which this time was nearer an exact match to the original TV series theme.  The opening you just do not expect at all, its like Tom is looking direct at you and he decides, right there and then, to hell with it...obviously directed, but it some of this film looked more improved. He has been making films for years and never lets up

Its not because i have just watch this, it reminds me of how overpowering MI is.  The bond films are different, their not the same, but watching MI makes me wondered what is going on

Something i was not expecting was, Jeremy Renner.  I did not recognise him until half way thought when  Ethan confronts him.  I suddenly realised he was cast in Bourn Legacy.  When i saw the trailer i thought, what are they watching him in this, i can see why

I know MGM ran into trouble recently, although savedby several companies. MI seem to make money every time.  When Tom Cruise brings Nathan Hunt to the screen, he knows the audience want to see something and he delivers.

Although the bond company are trying to keep an edge on their films. The first evolution of the franchies was the song, nothing to do with the title of the film....thats fine, great song and went with the film very nicely.   Daniel Craig is fine as bond as the film Casino Royal was the film before Dr. no.  Casino is the first where he gains his 007 licence.. I like this in particular as its not a spoof, unlike the late 70s Casino Royal.

I think the main problem is their running out of ideas and trying to change to much.  Quantum of Solace, honestly, who come up with that name? I know it the title of Ian flemings short story for which it is based, but not a very good film title. The story follows directly after Casino Royal and i have got the film, but not watched yet.
MGM ran into trouble over the last few years........which.... baffles me.....If MI can make money,  through Paramount, now another company and still make, new film, strange choice for a film title, but other than that, no not much else i can say at this point....i think MGM have to have long hard look at what they are doing wrong with bond or restructure or so something

Bond have their fans, but aparantly not enough to keep the bank afloat

I really question the modern day outlook of bond franchies. I like the bond films, my favourite is Dr No, always will be, but bond, seems to be struggling

With the Mission Impossible fanchise, it was like, again, another TV to film, really and how good was it going to be. As it turned out really good
Then, MI2 come out, one huge Rock video with Limp bizcut plastered all over it.. Seriously who come up with that idea, its a spy thriller.  The film is good, but did not match up to the original as some sequals have a habbit of doing
But..this is where it becomes interesting, usually when you keep making more films in the same franchise, something is missing, well not MI, it shocked everyone
MI 3 is actually better than the original. I was very shocked and because Tom Cruise stupid personal actions, clouding the promotion, it overshadows what turned out to be one of the best action moves i have seen upto that point.

This is one of the rare occasions that a film blew me away. I was seriously not expecting MI 3 to be that good.  Tom Criuse has a lot of control and i believe he thinks its his franchies. To be honest i would agree. After seeing 4 Missions Impossibles i believe Tom Cruise is the American version of James Bond and blowing the competition out of the water

Modern day bond.......your are seriously in danger of losing out to Ethan Hunt

Again, this is not knocking the classic bond films, this is looking at the future of bond

I think Skyfall will either be the reborn bond or the death of.  If MGM are as in bad shape as reported and they are hanging on for a bond win, then i hope it comes out smelling of roses.

I highly recommend watching any bond, upto Casino Royale. and watch all the Mission  Impossibles

Dj Readman

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