Tuesday, 16 October 2012

It is the season to be confused

This is not a history less, weeeeeeel it kind of is,lol

When you come down to plain brass tacs, many events from September onwards are far from accurate.  Christmas is not what it used to be in terms of Father Christmas and the famous Christmas tree.  In fact its mainly made up from what it actually is supposed to be, the supposid birthday of Jesus, although many would question the date.
Then there is Halloween, which is more accurate, yes, it is more accurate than Christmas.  I read up on this before now and although the origins have gradually become different, the clearing of evil spirits goes way back further than Christmas events pulled together. The original meaning of Halloween or Hallows eve, which is mainly to do with young girls throwing orange peal over their shoulder or onto the floor to determind if they would get married or something do with that. Full explanation here or something along those lines.
Although the evil spirits did not come until later, we are actually twinned with Mexico, as in they celebrate it as well, but they call it' Day of the Dead.

Guy Fawks Night, is sandwiched between the two and lands on November 5th in England only. This is a time in history, when a guy named. Guy Fawks, real guy, attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliment.  He got found out before the incident and go beheaded, yes they did it then, same ain't it a shame, they don't bring that back.
The original celebration was for the King not being assasinated at the time. Bonfires used to be set a light, as they do now and the fireworks represent gunpowers. As usual over time, its like Chinese whispers. from a King to Guy Fawks

So in fact Guy Fawks, is English and is actually an authentic event from the start. Halloween comes second as the origins, although a bit over the top these days, is more 'Authentic' than Christmas

This is not a rant, just a few facts, just to kind of point to the fact that everyone clings onto Christmas for some reason.   Halloween is in many ways, a good thing for children.  It makes them looks out for demons, gouls, have fun dressing up, in attempt to keep the bad people at bay,,,why not

Christmas maybe as fake as Ian Gentles beard at Christmas, but its all in good spirits ( oops), many people enjoy and all about family fun at the end of the year

So, what did we learn here today, aside from my scrambled history. Guy Fawks is the only event after September that actually never changed...........so why do we celebrate it in the first place???

Your guess is as good as mine, answers on a podcard


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