Saturday, 27 October 2012

Modern Film Remakes, release the originals

Over the last 10 years, there has been a growing trend of filmremakes.  I have only i have seen was the Texas Chainsaw Massacure. This was before everyone caught the remake bug.  This remake was different in the fact some scenes were changed from the original, or should i say actions in the scenes.

From when that was released until now, practically every classic horror film has been remade. Yes you have probably guessed it, so has Nightmare on Elm street, which is in my opinion the worst film crime ever.

In general, lets take a look at why films get remake. If it was actors age?, take Footloose for example, the original was in the mid 80s and they remade and released that in 2011.  Is it because of the original cast are ageing and they suggest a film gets remade or another version of a new generation??  Me as a film fan, do not see the sense in remaking classics.
Why don't companies, instead of throwing millions at directors to remake films, just remaster the original and release them in theatres, that make more sense.

My orime example here is a Nightmare on Elm street. The original is unique, one of the best horror franchises in film history and my favourite because it was different...
I can't think of one reason to remake Elm Street.  The original was in the early 80's it is also one of the rare examples of a film company being created purely to release it, that is New Line Cinema.   This film in my opinion has earned classic and now legendary status as a landmark in Star Wars was is to Sci-fi
This is one film they could have gone back, cleaned it up and re released in cinemas.. Wes Craven i am sure would have been happier with that than some hotshot remaking it.  If i had a choice of making a film, i seriously would not have gone down that road...for one thing i find it really disrespectful to the original movie and the director.
The other unique thing here is the Charactor, Freddy Cruger....seriously who can repass, Robert Englund. answer, no one. I was disgusted when i found out about there was a remake

Remake and the other stupid trend rebooting, which has happened to Spiderman and thats not even 10 years old

Many of the remakes are from the 80s. Poltergiest i just read is being or has been remake. Evil Dead(?) so many are being remade..  As far as i can see, its only for money and no one has any fresh ideas..

This is the reason i have watched hardly any new movies. The one area that i love is animation. I see loads of trailers on Youtube recently with animation in movie length going to horror direction, great idea and great direction to go in

I seriously do not care about remakes.  Anything new i would not watch. The last franchies i saw and probably the only original idea for years was Pirates of the Caribbean, who is the mad scientest that is bruckheimer, who has the midus touch

I find it amusing that  Back to the Future or Starwars has been remade.  I thiink horror for some reason is an easy path and a soft touch? at least it seems 80% of remakes are horror?

This is just my thoughts on the subject,.....i just find remakes a bad idea, a really bad idea

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