Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My Facebook old and groups

Like many musicians or radio presenters trying to do their bit to promote and radioplay music, i have Facebook accounts.  i have got an account with two artists pages, one for me and one of my online, Music Revolution Promotion.   The only problem with having an artists page i discovered is that, they are useless for sending out events.  This is mainly my radio show i event and when i have tried this, on my artist page, no one gets what the point in having that an artist page??? who knows.  Liking the page is ok, but you want to build up numbers and so people can with this in mind, i went back in time

Old to new Facebook account
I have another account. Thinking about it, i opened it after my current one, i thought it was before I have gone back to it before and changed it when i had my market stall, but this time i am staying online.  The other reason for changing is, i did not know how to close it.  I call it recycling Facebook pages :)  What i have been doing over the last few weeks, is changing my Facebook pages around. I have changed my Demand Records Offical Page to DJreadmanradioandmusic. The only downside with this page, is that, i can't change the main web address of the page. which is ( I know where are two i's in official) Other that that, its completely changed.

Old to new Facebook Group
I also found both my old groups i opened, this was ages ago. I decided, instead of having a artists page for Music Revolution Promotion, i went back to the group and changed it

The other decision i took was to utilise the Photo albums.  I have never done this before and i thought why not.  I the on of the only areas of Facebook that is visible when you go on any page.  I have opened albums for my Radio shows, submissions, competitions, live radio quotes, Open Show Album Promotion and so on
I would have put up videos but Facebook do not make it easy to have them visible. You can also request this page and from the show after November 5th it wil be be the page i create Facebook events for plugging the radio show on that day

I completely forgot i had this group and its attached the actual account. I have this for a long time and thought change the name to Music Revolution promotion and the Facebook group version of the website
You have photos of special guests, competitions, music review and articles in the files section about the radio shows and more

I have my website still, which is on Google website. I don't know when this expires as you only have a free account for so long.  I have a zero budget this so when it runs out, all content will open up in another site, or i will relaunch in Wordpad

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