Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween Radio Special

Since the dawn of broadcasting on Music World Radio, i had an idea to present a Halloween show. To stand up against the forces of good against the evil.
This year, is no exception

The Jingle
We started a trend last years special with a original piece by Nothinglistic, which we will playing on this years show.
We have a brand new Jingle to open this years show, by Texas electro producer. Chris Saffle

The Video

Last year we were lucky enough that Nothinglistic already had a video to accompany his song, but this year there was no video, so what to do???
Shooting original material is not easy and copyright on video is a nightmare, unless there are films that have no copyright.....then it hit me....public domain :)
I am not the first person to think of this, but it seriously saves A LOT of time.  I have used clips from 4 filmes to make up the trailers. I credit the films and the source for which i find the material.

Join us on Monday 29th October for our Halloween Special


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