Friday, 22 May 2015

Two Canons for filming and promo videos

I love filming, more and more in fact,  since i got the first Canon Compact. Yes, its a compact, although the audio playback is the best i have come across. Its even suprised bands, who have seen the footage i have shot of them
You can take photo or record footage on anything that has the ability. The one thing that is more important than the visual, is capturing a great audio track.
The, Canon, powerchot i have been using for the past couple of years is great. However, i have always wanted a backup, but never the finances to plough out £200.the amount wouldbe great to get a hgiher quality camer. The one thing that always enoys me about reviews is no one, talks about, THE AUDIO side, only "oh its GREAT HD (Might do a video on this)
A couple of days ago, to back up my Powershot 1100 SD Canon, i managed to pick up a Canon, PC 1732, or an slightly newer version of my other Canon.

Of course, i first checked the audio, even though the video is HD capture and playback. As it turns out, no distortion, YAY

The one thing i have been wanted to do for some time, but unable to do, due to having only one camera, is to do film at two angles. The one good thing about compact camera is they are small, do nto get any in the way, unless you stick them on tripoads, but i have stead hands :)

Video promos

On these blogs and my website, i have mentioned producing and editing two promo videos for two bands in December 2014. I get paid for this, although i am very reasonable at £50 for up a 5 minute length video.  The first two videos i used, Public domain footage. That is not the only source for creating a music video. You can either get footage of the band and edit it together or shoot fresh footage ,with two cameras

The two videos, which i got 98% right on the first rough cut. Here

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