Monday, 12 January 2015

Filming( Strummer Room Project Night) Silverspark, The Shapes, Torn by Colours

First time in a long time, i will be going to Oxford to go to a gig.  Trains, from many destinations, stop too early, but Oxford has got a late train, so, more gigs in Oxford, i am thinking

Friday 16th January, i am going to the Jericho Tavern, for the first Strummer Room Project Night of 2015. Its a few weeks short of a year since i went to the first of 2014, at Castle House
I will be filming the bands on the night

Opening the night. 

Matt and Carley, who formed a band in 2014, after being a duo, have been performing Acoustic sessions, thoughout the U.K

The Shapes

One of their current single, which  i produced for the band

Nice pop, folk music from the 6 members of the band.  Anthony Kellys, brings bit of a ,Van Morrison , feel to the night. The will be performing their new ep, Its Bigger Than Everybody

Torn by Colours

This band, who replaced headliner, Fracture, i have never seen before. Its easy to hear music on the internet, but of course, different experience, going to see the band
The, will be the last act on, playing their own material and covers. They are an indie pop bands, with a learn towards, Alternative, rock, depends which song you listen it

Dj Readman
Radio presenter, Video producer

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