Saturday, 3 January 2015

January 2015 The Return of dnb DJs 2tone and Dj Twist on Music World Radio

They appeared once again, this time, i went to Milton Keynes to broadcast at Twists HQ
The broadcast, although we tested the audio, was still distored on broadcast, which frankly, we couldn't get around. Got the sort that out, although we tried.
Twists has converted his garage for the sets and to practice for gigs. 2tone, lives down the road and bought his 1210s along

Dj Twist is the modern dnb guy. Ram, the works. He still plays thought and is going another set soon. He played two 40 minute sets on the show. He used CJDs for his sets

2tone, played oldskool, jungle, breakbeat and Goodlooking tunes. He always uses Technics 2010s, the choice of any DJ, who loves vinyl.

I was filming with my iphone 4s on this occasion, as my canon is not working. The phone held up thought, which was suprising. The sound was fine, so using that for Youtube and podcast
Although the last show in 2013, was not without distortion,which was solved, upto a point, the playback of the broadcast, was just too loud. We were fiddling for 20 minutes before we started. For some reason DJs equipment is direct and a lot louder.
The wifi Lee had, also gave out for 20 minutes after an hour. With wifi, if people start using it, the signal get week. Also one of Twist CJDs gave out, which was odd. It started behaving like a random Jukiebox. When i come back home, apparantly, it had gone dead. Strange indeed

Dj Twist set

Postcast coming up
Other then that, it was good afternoon
More to come from these guys in the future on broadcasts

Went them out for sets??

Dj Twist     2tone

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