Sunday, 4 August 2013

5 years on Music World Radio with the Radio Variety Show, wow

I say, Radio Variety Show, my show has not always been called that. It took me four years to get the name right,lol

For any new people that read this, i used to be  two deck DJ. Thats how i started on net radio.  When i found and joined Music World Radio in 2008, i was on decks and mp3s wered not really around much. At the time i wanted to use the decks to broadcast a variety of styles and sounds and every now and again do a mix.  Over time, as things do, you get ideas and the show changed.

Slowly over time, i got sent music, some on CD, on vinyl, which was pretty cool, but it gradually went mainly digital.

I am not the only one broadcasting on radio, but in my opinion, many people do not realise the build up you have to do over time.  Broadcasting is like working in pub, people come and go or stay for the whole 2 hour show. People expect too much when they DJ, you got to build it up

I have always loved music.  My mission is part educate people, inform them about forms of music, gigs and unheard fresh music to play to fresh ears.  The other main ingredient is being on LIVE radio.  Prerecorded i have never liked. This is just recording a show and uploading it.  After broadcasting the show live its fine to upload it as a podcasts afterwards, although there is not much difference.

I love having guests on the show, the main audience grabber. The one reason i get so many guests is my relaxed approach. Musicians like my style and i don't ask stupid questions. I am always reworking what i want to say and i listen to what guests are saying. I am always catching something and people are suprised. I have nack for this stuff.

I would have to say the guest i am most pleased to have in the same room for two hours, might be obvious, Jet Noir.  The Queen of trance, making a lot of noise herself, it took a number of years to get her into the same room to have chat and have a laugh.  I am honestly proud of that evening,  one of the very few times uptill recently i have had live guests, mainly due to space.  Of course on that evening i found about, Naked Lunch, from the guy that accompanied, Jet, Tony Mayo.  Again, another major player in the chair behind me
I would say parallel to that,was interviewing a member of the American Rock band, Soil. That was one hell of a coupe. I did remember them, when they released their material and they are still going. After the chat, got VIP access and went to see them in Coventry. Rhonda come along as she liked Puddle of Mudd who were touring with Soil at the time..quality night

More recently, has to be Silverspark, a great couple, with what has to be the best polished pop and rock music from a local band i have heard in years. I really respect them for what they are doing. I had them down for a show in January 2013 been plugging them every since.

One of my all time favourite guests and my wifes as well, was Blackdoghat coming down for an evening. This took 6 month to plan for various reasons and then come down in April 2013

A recent golden moment for me and seriously, i had read the message a few times.  The message i got send. was from Sean Burke, former guitarist of Tubeway Army.
There has also been 68-75, one of the very few bands where i can say they actually sound like their name implies.  Fantastic Funk rock and one of the best female Rock voices you will ever heard in your life. If you can create vocal power through Skype,  5,000 miles away and thats through 3 lots of compression, thats saying something

I would guess my name is getting around now, i don't know how much or how far. Radio is still a hobbie, wish it was my living.  I have contactd commercial stations and i just heard nothing back, or want to see a list of qualifications. If radio one presenters can start on an a ship out at see ( Radio Caroline) you ca start anywhere.   If you belong or work for a radio station, you do as much as you can to keep it a float. When you volunteer your time is limited, you can only do so much, When you are paid to do it, you do it and when you get engrossed, more

To the core, i am still a music fan, getting names put forward to me, is still a existing experience

The next step, well, i have said that before, as always, it comes down to cash, is moving the show.  These days, its made easier with wifi. From the end of August i will be for the first time, broadcasting from another location.  Once a month, the place is, General Foods Social Club. I will be using their rehearsal room.  The wonders of technology
And with that, comes with more outside broadcasts. No idea when the next one will be ,but as soon as i know, i will let you know

If you like what i do and i know many do, you can contribute by donating. I never force the issue, but at the end of the day it takes time and effort even to put a two hour show together

You can now donate to the RVSC ( Radio Variety Show Cause) either through music, or various Paypal links


Finally, i would seriously not be here if it was not for my wife, liking the fact i do this.  She likes some of the music, she does get the odd things free ;) and she gets too meet the bands :)
Not forgetting all the listeners, thankyou one and all
Last but not least all the quality musicians or are like starving tramps on the street, trying to make a buck. Its seriously not easy to be a musicians these days. I know i help promote, but its still hard work :)

Dj Readman. Radio Variety is to the next 5 years, well, depends where i am :)

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