Tuesday, 20 August 2013

(Single review) Naked Lunch - Alone..brand new single

History in the making, and yes, this time, that is accurate.
Naked Lunch, release this bone chilling tune, Alone, on a global scale on the 23rd August. Haunting, ghostly sounds. Opening with Engima sounding pipes, which introduces the haunting voice of Tony Mayo.  Opening the doors to reveal, the whispery vocals of Jet Noir for the first time.
Alone, has a unique deep sound. There are many levels of the song, like going into the mind psychie.
This will ofcourse might remind you of other sounds, there is no escaping that. It reminded me of early Underworld and Enigma.  Unlike their previous release, this tune has gone down the synth electro route.
Great bassline and a beat so sharpe it could cut you, like railroad spike.  Very atmosphere,  very deep and interwoven with guitar sounds.
As Jet said, " So lonely".
First vocal performance from Jet Noir with Naked Lunch and its definitely not the last

DJ Readman    Radio Variety Show

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