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John Cee and Blue Horizon 5th Anniversary Special (Sunday 25th August 2013)

Update 26th September
The Movie
This is the full 48 minute appearance of the trio. The audio is straight from the camera which is really good quality

Update 6th September
The Trailer
After a few connection problems here is the trailer for the fourthcoming 48 minute film that has been edited for the anniversary special. This is one whole song, taken from the Doob doo album by John and the gang

Original blog and introduction
It finally arrived. The musicians and a radio presenter at, General Foods Social Club
I invited, John Cee Stannard, famed for being a member of Tudor Lodge, and now recording Blues music with two musicians, who form, Blue Horizon who joined us on Sunday evening, 25th August 2013
This is the first end of month specials i am broadcasted from, General Foods Social Club, rehearsal room. On previous blogs i have mentioned i have been wanting to move the raido shows for more space. Now once a month, i am hirng the room for special guests. On this occasion, it was to celebrate 5 years broadcasting on Music World Radio

(Right to left: Howard Birchmore, John Cee Stannard, DJ Readman and Mike Baker)

I like the fact i am mobile enough to just take a laptop and phone to connect to the net.
I unpacked and then about 7.15 they guys turned up. John had bought two lovely, Resonators guitars with him, Mike bought his guitar and Howard, several Harmonicas
The performance was in segments playing several song from the new, Doob Doo album.  I was wondering how many they were about to play Acoustic. As it turns out, a few 
We also got a taste of some new songs, which, even though they sounded complete, they were in demo form
Then to my suprise. John bought this in

To celebrate 5 years of broadcasting on, Music World Radio, he had boguht me a nice chocolate cake. No i was nor expecting that :)
                                   Two hours of chat, about Tudor Lodge and the new Blues music

                                                      John with one of his resonators
                                                                       Mike on the guitar

                                                     Howard Birchmore on Harmonica

Everyone had a good time. had a laugh and inbetween the broadcasting the radio show and the guys performed
Flyers for all events, designed by Lisa Ann  This is her website
The performance and some banter was filmed and the entire live audio broadcast was recorded

Want to appear djreadmanuk@gmail.com

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