Monday, 12 August 2013

Naked Lunch - Frozen

Naked Lunch, Electro Punk band, who formed in the late 70s and in the early 80s, released, Rabies, which was banned, aparantly due to the lyrics content.
Fast forward to 2011, with  Naked Lunch reformed, Tony Mayo and the crew of synth, vocalist ad guitar players, released a CD called. Frozen.
This is a 4 track ep, including Rabies and its original b side, Slipping Again.. . You also have La Femme and Fade Away. All the songs were originally released  in the early 80s

This CD was pressed for the Reproduction 13 gig at the Roundhouse in London in December 2012. Thi is limited to 100 copies and after they are gone, they are no longer pressing.the CD after this run. It will be still available on digital.
The sounds is simple electro with Tony on lead vocals, with Paul n Davies, Mickey Clarke, Cliff Chapman and Mark Irving on synth and guitar and drum duties

There are new releases coming, with new member, Jet Noir.. more of that on other blogs

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