Tuesday, 27 August 2013

At the Flapper, Birmingham, 17th August. Among the Echos. Drag, Scruffy Somethings and more

First time at the Flapper, nice venue, no where to breathe although, unless someone knocks a hole in the wall. Simular to The Cellar in Oxford. Four acts were on, only heard Among the Echos. I had did receieve music from all the bands, but live, of course, is different.

Saturday Afternoon
Got to the newly refirbished, New Street Station. We took the long walk to the Bullring, which is now connected by a long corridor. My wife, Rhonda was with me, as she likes Birmingham and a fan of Among the Echos. Although i like the act, i was looking forward to seeing the other bands as well.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn, which is not that far. After a few hours relaxing, we walked to the Flapper. One thing that irritates me about this area of the city, is there are no direct paths. Yes, there are pavements, but you have to walk the long way round in many cases, even though another hotel carpark.

The Flapper
Very nice place, right beside the canal with loads of locks. From the outside, looks like a coverted steamer.

Top floor is the bar.  We made our way down to the band performance area, where Among the Echos were soundchecking.

We then saw Scruff Somethings Soundcheck.  I caught Ian and Sam of ATE and had a chat, which i was recorded. Ian said he would introduce me to Drag aand he did. Very nice band to talk to and got their heads screwed on it relations to the music and what their goals are.

Scruffy Somethings were on first.  From the song i have, called she, i liked the band. Two guitariist, bass player, drummer and a very pretty female singer, with 3 inch doc martin boots on. Very tight set, i think for about 30 minutes, but i was not counting. Out of all the songs performed, She, stood out for me. I like the edge the song has and i am glad they performed it. Great band, i want to see them again

Next up, was Inches from the Ground. I like the band name, and they had a nice tight stage prsence. They didn't move around much, probably because it was a small stage. They sound like a lot of other commercial pop rock bands, with an American edge. Very catchy music and you can easily dance to them

Now Drag, i was waiting for. They were the highlight of the night. My god, they do not disappoint.  Heather the female singer, throwing herself all over the place and cervorting with the girlfriend bass player, Velma.
Great drummer Si and bass player, all strutted their stuff.
Rhonda likes Drag, which was refreshing and she liked the drummer as well, Si and so did it. Drag are a Punk band from Birmingham and i like seeing energy on stage and they certainly woke people up. I want to see the band again, awsome

Last and headlining, Among the Echoes. Great act and as i was told by Ian, the band are always experimenting. They performed, Freak, Pure, Talk Talk and Sin, their forthcoming song and a few others. The last song they had Si, from Drag on the drummers. Among the Echoes have an electronic drum beat when they perform and you can tell the difference instantly. There is nothing like a live drummer. Echoes with a drummer is very different to an electro beat.. They should do that more often.
The overall sounds was fantastic, Even on a small stage, and when i played the songs back i had filmed. you could hear all the instruments and vocals clearly. Sometimes, it just sounds a but of mesh, but the sound was clear enough, i was impressed.

Before i saw, Among the Echoes, i went upstairs for some air. Low and behold, i bumped into. Johnny Normal and Pyscho beat. We had a chat and nearly missed the opening song by Ian and co.

When the bands had finished, we follow Johnny and Pete a nearly bar.  Kind of an 80s Gothic theme, with no black walls.

Had a few drinks, and talked to Ian, Johnny and Pete.  Took a few picture and then we want back to the hotel.
Great night. We are going back in October to an electro night. ATE have put on and there is an afterparty at the same club

Until the next time

Dj Readman - Radio Variety Show, at the Flapper

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