Wednesday, 7 August 2013

John Cee Stannard special

Update: ( September 26th)
The full performance with John and the Blue Horizon

I first heard about John, through his wife Angie, who both live in, Reading.  She sent me his CD via Facebook through the mail.  Went on his website and reminded myself that he has and is the guitarist of well known folk band, Tudor Lodge.

Combining his appearance, with the 5th anniversary of my, Radio Variety Show, on. Music World Radio, i have hired the rehearsal room at, General Foods Sports and Social Club for a Sunday evening.

It all began
I began broadcasting on the station at the end of August 2008 and i always like having guests on.  Only fitting that we have an appearance of a musician, As it happens, John selected either 24 or 25th. Saturday the 24th was taken, so i went for Sunday 25th.

We wil be focusing on his history with. Tudor Lodge and his new album, all Blues, Doob Doo.

Tudor Lodge(Brief History)
Tudor Lodge, was original a trio in the late 80s. Very mellow, Acoustic folk group. 1971 they were signal for Vertigo with an album and then late on the band seperated. Tudor Lodge continued from 1980 as a duo  and still perform today with John on Guitar

This side of Johns writting is pretty recently. Began writting Blues sogn in 2008 and through that process polished and had the songs masters. This year,(2013) he released, Doob Doo, a complete album works of original songs in the Blues style

Radio Show
We will be filming John and co on Sunday evening. The show will be broadcast live on Music World Radio
This is not a public event, although, if you are a fan of John, they you can come along. Don't forget this is an internet radio event, which will includes performance and chat and not much room available, although you can stand ouside

The Special
Sunday 25th August. John Cee Stannard and Blue Horizon here

You can donate to the radio show continuing costs or equipment.. Enough funds build and we will consider the odd t-shirt for promotional purposes. donations go towards ongoing running costs, booking fund and merchandise
All information, here

DJ Readman, Radio Variety Show

                                              John Cee Stannard Website

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