Sunday, 2 December 2012

My Recordings (Update)

I have not recorded much recently as i didn't want to do too much in one go.  
As i have said on previous blogs, this started out as a radio show segment, reading out poetry. As it turns out i put guitar to the lyrics and thats how Pirates in My Sink come about
There is kind of a sequal, Pirate Dance, which i have got the lyrics for, just got to arrange it

I have recorded so far, Pirates its my sink, which was voted for on Music World Radio top 20 chart and stayed there for 3 months.  I have not had any sales for the song, although it is for sale.  I have not promoted it much as my energies have been on other things recently and you can't do everything

Motorcycle Man was the next poem i put some time into.  This is the next song i began to make a video for as it kind of made sense.  This is the also the first time i collected footage from non copyrighted sources and got permission for other footage
This also got remixed by local musician SRP and the video is in the process of being edited

I have also recorded, Where's My Vegetarian, which is like a dark horror about vegetables.  I also recorded two of my own after a while.  

The first one was totally improvised. This was a vampire song, Their Fangs.  This idea come from seeing a lot of True Blood, which is an American TV series.  The song is not based on anything in particular, but has a, what the media feeds you, ring to it and i had Billy Bragg in my head at the time. I went back, re wrote the entire song and uploaded a one mic version

The next one and last one i recorded for a competition i created but never happened, but a song called, The Independents. This is about indie bands and what was intially going to be my new radio jingle.  It is up on Soundcloud still, but i might just make it another song, probably next  year

I have a s profile page up on New Usb, which is a site and radio station purely for independent artists. 
I like doing this and first time in a number of years i have recorded music. Since i broadcast on radio i utlised that oportunity and broadcasting live 20 minutes performances and played the recordings on the shows. Many people like, Pirates in My Sink and Motorcycle Man, which are both different songs

Want to support and next year i will be perfoming these. If you are interested in my performing these, which will be four songs maximum at the moment, although there are loads more i have not recorded yet, then let us know

All music, link and information are on my Facebook, here

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