Saturday, 29 December 2012

(FIlm review) The Dark Night Rises

Like many people, i was thinking, how can you top the joker in the Dark Night, thats going to grow into icon status in years to come.  To be fair, i give huge credit for Chistopher Noel for releasing some fine batman films that was very much needed and just amazing to watch.  I have not seen many new films recently and the so called trilogy, which is a load of rubbish, unless its going to be called the Noelan Trilogy as aparantly he hs stepping down.  There are going to be more Batmans.

The Dark Night Rises, completes a story cycle, with some great twists, awsome weaponry, which has never been shown and again a great cast.  I like the way Noelen used many of the cast from Inception, mixed with the basic cast of batman and new cast members.  He reminds me of Quentin Taratino here, he has a touch that no one else has

Bane is in this one and i thought, what are they going to do.  On the surface its a mixture of The Dark night and Batman begins in regards to storyline and locations and Waynes former teacher returns briefly as part of the story, which was really thought out
With the Dark Night, the storyline was taken from a 1960 comic. With the Dark Night rises, i do not know what source was used, but i am totally asuming either it was another comic because Bane as never appeared in previous Batman films before, a far i am aware or nolan stuck to as near to the source material as possible

Its not going to top Health Ledgers performance, but you have to go in different directions and Nolan really has a great mind when it comes to film that i have seen.
To everyone that does not realise this, there is going to be another batman, the message is in the film.  The scene were the young cop flows his badge away on the bridge, symbolises the moment when, Commissioner Gordon, hands over the joker card to Batman in Batman begins, There is another chain of films to come.  I thought, why would he throw his badge away, there must be more going on and to come

Near the end of the film, when the woman  in the office says, why don't use use your birth name.........Robin, the penny dropped the size of Britian, i thought holy shit, you must be joking, Robin????

As a film fan, i thought what are they going to do here. Tom Hardy plays Bane very well, although i have no idea what people were talking about with his voice. I have seen a couple of reviews about it. Everyone was saying his voice was muffled? what are you deaf, even in a cinema? Although they could have given him more voice movement as half the time it looks overdubbed as he as a mask on. I did pay attentioned his his throat movements as i thought they had done a Darth Vader.

Overall, a great film, one of the best and it balances very well with The Dark Night. People might say, one was better than the other, but to be far, if you get lot of praise for one film, its not the matter of topping it, its all in the storyline, just got to manipulate

Dj Readman .. i film fan ;)


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