Tuesday, 11 December 2012

( Album review) Blackdoghat - Planetarium

To the Northen Sea,  2. Drown in Me,  3. Before my Eyes,  4. Angels of Us
 5. Electric,  6. Sunday Papers,  7. Some Things are Worth Living 4,  8. One Last Question
 9. Dreams

Acoustic duo and some of the catchiest song i have ever heard.  There are many acoustic artists out there, some more unique with their voice or the way they play their guitar.
The catchy riff on this album reminds of how Paul McCartney writes as he well know for his catch riff and melodys
Many people love Electric, which is my favourite, with a great opening. The great bassline ges to the song, To The Northern Sea.  Another fan favourite is Sunday Papers, which is nice mellow affair.  You can imaging John lounging in a chair, plugging his guitar on a sofa.
Every song, many acoustic, but all diferent and different moods.
This all comes down to great writing from John Sage from London and Matt Gkikas from Greece.  This was released in 2011, all potential singles in old fashion terms. This is all professional studio recorded and everything sounds crisp. The studio version of Electric has come extra layers, which you might not here live, like the Thunder opening, but its all Acoustic based and some of the best you will hear

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