Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More live performances

In General
This was mentioned as idea to me before and then recently began to do stream live shows on New Usb which is channeling one stream from Music World Radio.
I can and have had live performers here. The band, Dog Food performed live in September nd LIVE 'In House interview with Jet Noir, accompanied by Tony Mayo in October.

The room i have ain't that big and I know from watching the New Usb live channels, Raymond Rowe has musican performing live in Manchester on a regular basis.  He asked me this year about interviewing a band there and me interviewing them Skype, but at the time i did not have the dualcast in mind and i could not broadcast on two stations on seperate days

Now, since i have been doing the dualcast,, i bought today ( 12th December) and talking to Ray about it

The Plan

A band will perform in Manchester, England and i will interview and channel the audio through Skype, here in Banbury, England.  It may seem a long way round a radio event, but getting up to Manchester possibly once a month is not possible and all these run on a zero budget, unless someone wants to sponser my show :)

More information will be coming, but for the moment, thats the plan

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