Saturday, 1 December 2012

( Album Review) The Vinyls - Catch ( 2012)

Artist:The Vinyls
Brighton, England
Sound: Vintage Pop

I love original or creative opening to albums. This made me smile as its made to sound like a radio jingle.. The end of the album, you hear the sound of stylus slipping of a record, marking  the end of an album, superb.
I was not expecting the recording quality i heard and how the band managed to capture the energy and a spark they found throughout the whole album

The Mocking song, is a perfect example of the the Jam sound.  The open reminded me straight away of, Eton Rifles. Another opening i like is Whos in Albert Square, with the cowbell and the bass guitar. Fixed to the floor is very 80s reminiscent with the bass guitar over someone clicking their fingers. There are a couple of lounger songs, which are near the end of the album, Ill be there Instead  and Please Just Be Yourself also has a blur feel to

 it..well captured
Just three the album

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