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Music in 2012

Many people write the top 10s and things down. This is slightly different, this is the music that has impressed me the most

Against All Will

One the area i like about this Rock band from America is that they listen to their fans and so does their publicist, Yvonne Laughin, who does a great job in social media. who i get the songs from.  All the members are from former well known rock bands themselves, but they knows the fans are their bread and butter.
Their music is pretty dam good. At the start, i did not know what to expect, very commerical, leaning to darker rock

Jet Noir

This may seen an obvious choice, but her new album really impressed me as she has done something different and broadened her appear, which for the most part did not happened upto this point.  As well as working hard as hell and mainly works on her own, shes a real trooper. Yes, she looks dam fine, but looks is only the outside, its the inside what creates the beats
Besides that, finally interviewed her this year for two hours. Considering her phobias and so on, in my opinion, that was a very brave move on her part

Vinnie Zummo

Never heard of this guy before, but i have no.  I send me a lot of material and really blew me away. His albums are full of styles from Metal to Country, is just really suprised me. American musicians who puts a lot of effort into his production and it shows

Dog Food

The band from Birmingham came down for a full band Acoustic performance in September.  Finally met, RIchard Temple, aka, Magick Temple from Spain after 4 years. the band have been down before, but the first time me wife had met them
The comes down and Dr Jet, bought a banquet with them. We also found out he had an ear infection.  These guys are really troupers, even coming over an hour to perform on the radio


I was would say its rare to find a band this good in the sound the perform and produce. Matt and Carey, w ho perform Rock pop songs, all original music, really have something going here. I was very impressed by the shear quality of the music, their attitude and warmth towards fans.  The have ep at the moment, life the fuse and every songs is just quality....You rare get that..If you put on gigs, book them

Repulse Monkey & Shes Excited

I few people i noticed like this and i agree.  I am very picky with dance music, because many artists just mix, which gets boring.  When you are creative with dance it gets really interesting.  This duo impressed me with the song, Pink Noise with a mixture of dubstep style dance tunes and great vocals by Shes Excited

Naked Lunch

To say this band has a lot of history is a completely understatement.  Got to know Tony Mayo through Jet Noir, who brought him along when i interviewed her in October.  The band began in the late 70s and one of the acts that introduced the world to dirty electro music, whatever you want to call it.  They recently reformed at gthe Club Noir venue in London and the history is beginning to unfold.  Tony has recently recorded new material and aparantly rerecordings older material

Yolanda R

I recently interviewed this fine singer live from New York. Got to know her through New Usbs Raymond Rowe and one of the bet singers, interviewed her because i loves her powerful singer voice, very reminscent of Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. She has her own unique style and the recording are evident of the fact she not scared to try something different


Combine Ozric Tenticle elements with Acid Jazz, 6 muscians and you have one of the best bands i have heard in a long time. I had a chat with Nick Raybould( Drummer) and Chris( Keyboards) At the beginning of the year. Every week they do a tight song 3 hour jam and Nick records it, What comes out is beautiful floating sounds and just great to float away to. They are mainly instrumental, with some vocals in areas or effect. They release their debut album a few months ago and is on amazon at the moment

The Cherry Bluestorms

Another duo, this time, American.  Deborah Gee and Glen Laughin who go under the band name have one of the best sounds i have ever heard.  Its Rock pop sounds, with Transit if Venus album.  When you listen to an album and you get a warm feeling from, is, you the band have done something right. It all about the song writting, great engineering and lovely singer by Deborah

The Strummer Room Project

I few things come from this musicians..Yes, one main guy, who is local, Chris Oats.  Guitarist, who loves colabrating with muscians, hence the name he gave himself. He produced songs with a few people, including former bands mates and i have played many on my show, which have been exclusives.   I first met Chris, when he join the band i am in, The Doolallays, as the bass player.  I then met one of his colaborators, Chris Saffle, who is also a great guy and fine producer from Texas

Little Stevie and the Fatratz

Out of the band, many people go to know, Steven Pridemore, aka Little Stevie. Semi retired muscian, who dusted of many great songs that i have played and been recording many with other muscians or rerecording older songs.  Great musicians, always around, and many like his music which at the start was an oddball mixture, then everyone found out about his electric acoustic work and got hooked

There have been many more, but some musicians i have known for more than a year so they do not count.  These are the main muscians that have impressed me, i have played, met, performed and interviewed. There are more, but it would turn into a long list.  I may add another a couple in the next week, but for the moment i have chosen the ones above

Thankyou for reason and Merry Christmas from the Dj Readman :)

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