Friday, 7 December 2012

Mondays Radio Variety Show: Vinyls, Glowpeople, Darkhalf and more

Radio Variety Show as always with have great new music
On Monday 10th December we begin with another acts on The Open Show Album Promotion

The Vinyls album, Catch Review  and LIVE Skype Interview
Every 4 weeks over 8 shows, we present an album at the opening of each show after the jingle and one song on voiceover. The voiceover is also played near the end when there is time. Facebook

And we are back with a second session, from English, Acid jazz, progressive instrumental act, Glowpeople
This is on a listener request as we have more new session songs
to play

First time in a while i have had Drum and Bass for radioplay
Darkhalf, hailing from Swindon, England

with his digital label, Perpetual has released
this ep for free as a Christmas present to
Also on the playlist:
Jet Noir, Naked Lunch, Cult with No Name and various listener requests
Those are the main acts, want a song played, you will be added to this blog.
Rock, Pop, eclectic wind chimes, ambient sounds, you name it, contact us

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The show is now uploaded, with all links to many artists featured

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