Thursday, 27 December 2012

Independent Special. Musicians that have left an impression

I know it is the time of year for top 10s and things, but i am always looking for something different in a this is it

Tonight( Thursday 27th December) I am live on Music World Radio and joined by, Raymond Rowe, once more, from New Usb on Skype, to talk about and play the bands, solo artists, all Independents that have left an impression on us in 2012.

There are many and some will be played that we have known for long. But the theme is, Left an impression.
We have, Jet Noir, Naked Lunch, Glowpeople, Vinnie Zummo, Silverspark, The Strummer Room Poject and many other artists who have kind of made the grade.
This is not a competition, but talking to fans and releasing fine music are two of the qualities and reason for the musicians on the list

This is the list i have compiled for your to view here

Not all bands have this ability, but many have and impresses many people and we have seen fan comment direct

Streaming on  Music World Radio    also on New Usb   
Tablet, or smartphone (Android )  Iphone, pad, mini etc

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