Saturday, 1 December 2012

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I have had a few submissions from rappers over the last two week and i guessing via seeing me on Twitter.
I just can't understand why a great scene, which some great legends has gotten so bad.

Going back 20 or so years or more infact, you have, Run DMC, Grandmaster flash, later on you have. The Beastie Boys and Busta Rhymes, two of my favourtes in fact. These guys are orginal. I got hocked on Busta for his speed, his videos, lyrics, he just puts some imagination into it.

The most recent Mc i have come across and we are going back two years now, Mc Comchemzi, kind of comic rap, some imagination and oustanding lyric flow..reminds me of how Beck works with like a play on words

Video of his

I have got this from listeners to some agree with me on this as well, if you an artists, go for something original, you own, not something that has been copied a thousand times....that what the scene has become.... a copy on top of a copy

I have had Youtube links and watched video. 95% of mixtapes, which i never bother with, because its just boring and when you do get a tune, its just niggers and bitches every 10 seconds, which is also getting boring, not entertaining and to be honest, its getting old

If you can't write more than 5 lines and make them different on a rap song, its just gets repeditive even in 3 minutes

For the moment, until something really well written comes along, i am not taking submission from rappers

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