Saturday, 15 February 2014

Monday 17th, Feb, Naked Lunch album lauch radio special

We are here......
On Monday 17th February, we have a history making album being released. Electro act, from the 80s, Naked Lunch, mainly known for their tune, Rabies, which was banned at the time, which spawed two versions and a B side, Slipping Again. They kind of faded into the distance release wise, they didn't want to do the "Release" thing

Forward to 2014, times have changed and so has technology.  With a combination of rerecordings of all their classic tunes and brand new tunes. here is, Beyond Planets

On Monday, i will be talking to members, Jet Noir and Tony Mayo about the album, the rerecording and loads more campire stories and banter. We will no doubt, be playing many if not all of the album songs

To find more, listen in to the show, live broadcast on Monday 8-10pm English time
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