Sunday, 9 February 2014

68 75 Open Show artist for Feburary 2014

Not many bands record albums, especially unsigned and self financed, mainly eps or singles. Funk Rockers from Atlanta, Georgia, 68 75,have done just that.
Their new album, Stay on the Ride, is a testament to their writing, will power, great music, guitar work by Andrew and the powerful vocal range by Suzanne Sledge and the sounds they reflect from 1968 - 1975

Stay on the Ride is their brand new album

Their album is flying off the vertual shelves, which is not suprising. Very catch, really does reflect the era of music they love.  I told them once that i had not long seen the film ,Devils Rejects. The film has a 70's progressive rock sound track and i can imagine the band music on the film, would fit a film perfectly
The music is that good, and again. the loud powerful vocals of Suzy, ripps through your soul like a hurricane. Probablythe most power vocalist i have heard in this style for some years.
I can't praise this band highly enough for their work. Their past two eps are as powerful in sound and vocal range.
The show on the link is the second show to feature the band. 
The Open Show Promotion has a song from an album or a number of singles, right after the jingle. Then thoughout the show, a song i chosen to go under Voiceover segments. Then that song is played in full at the end of the show

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