Saturday, 27 July 2013

Simon Dwight

Acoustic guitarist and poet, English born and talented on the guitar from Milton Keynes, Simon Dwight.
I found out about Simon through Bodfest 13, which is local festival in the village of bodicote (Opposite side of Banbury to where the, Croperdy festival is yearly held) and didn't get a chance to catch the two performances he did, one, which was at the Acoustic stage at  the Plough pub, and the Open Mic at the bodicote church.

The week after, i got a copy of his CD, which is a mixture of Acoustic instrumentals, vocal songs and extra studio work by Van Gabriel in the states who Simon colabroated with on the production work, who he found through Soundcloud
The lyrics are written from personal experiences with two very fine guitars including a Resonator(in the picture) which he bought with him when he come for his radio special.
Simon is currently working on a remaster of older work in a few months time. 

He appeared last Saturday for a special radio show and played a 30 minute set.  He is a big fan of Joe Strummer, Pink Floyd, The Jam and suprisingly, Roni Size.
Its very stricking to note that as i said above, many of his songs are written about personal sadness and how he got through them.  Very good vocalist and the guitar and fine and the resonator is a really good guitar and gives the songs a Blue grass edge, just because the way the guitar sounds
His currenty album, Across the Atlantic is a great example of Acoustic guitar work and a great colaboration that works very well
The appearance was the Acoustic version of of many new, currently and older songs and gave example of whats different about the current album

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Simon has also donated 3 songs from the radio appearance on the 20th July to the RVS cause
You can donate as much as you like here
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