Sunday, 28 July 2013

Jet Noir not Alone with Naked Lunch

Around 6 years, i met Jet Noir ( Different name at the time) classically trained musician, with a great talent and stunning looks. She has recorded a lot of music, Trance and eclectic dance tunes over the last 5 years,
I have met her a few times, in a music and non music capacity and at some point i knew joining a band was going to happen.
About 10 years ago, she was in a all girl, Punk band, Psycho Bambi.  After the band split, Jet decided go the electro music direction.
Over the last few years, she managed to push her music forward and the quality reached new highets  Her debut album, Emotional Chess, is the first release to have a high production value in this style.  It suprised a lot of people and the beginning of a new age for Jet Noir.

November 2012, was the first time in 5 years she had actually appeared on a radio show in person( As far as i know). I interviewed her about her music and what was to be the beginning of a music colaboration, joined by Tony Mayo, whos band, Naked lunch, had recently reformed.  The Naked Lunch history goes way back to the electro punk days of the late 70s early 80s and managed to release a banned track Rabies with Slipping Away as the Bsides.

Combined these two mamoth talents, i thought to myself, Jet is going to join Naked Lunch.  I knew that Jet had talked about reforming, Psycho Bambi, but from what i can recall, the process did not go far, for whatever reason.
Jet and Tony have known each over for some time musicially. As like fashion, music has a habbit of coming full circle

Back to November 2012 and i found out in two hours, who, Naked Lunch are and what the forward thinking was.
Like many musicians, they have to push hard to get where they want to by and Jet is no exeption

Since the first radio special, their plans have been brewing like witches sturing a caldren.

After the first, Radio Variety Show, it was announced that Tony Mayo was Jets manager, which made a lot of sense.

Now, this leads us to the future *Rubbing Crystal ball*,  what can i see, aaaaaah....

Naked Lunch mentioned to me recently that the band was after an extra member, someone to play synth and extra vocal duties.  Low and behold, it was announced that ,Jet Noir has joined. Naked Lunch.....and i thought my crystal ball was broken?

Naked Lunch are about to release their first new song in many years, with Jet Noir on her first band recording in 10 years, which, i know, something she is very pleased with
I am lucky enough to get hold of the song, Alone, early and its a gorgeous, railroad spike beat, bassline driven, haunting song.
This is only the beginning

                                                   Naked Lunch Facebook
Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

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