Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bodfest 2013

Yes, not blogged for a while. The reason for this. BODFEST

I have done a lot with Bodfest over the last two weeks, mainly radio shows. interviewing and filming performances leading and at Bodfest.
Every performance i saw was fantastic, even i the searing heat. The pub runs out of beer, everyone run out of food, must be a good thing?

The start off the week, we did a live broadcast with, Chris Oakes, who invited me to Northgate Studios, in Banbury. This was the first live broadcast from another locationdone in a number of years.  This was before the festival, with live performance by Punch Drunk Monkey Club. Chris was co presenting and the whole show was about Bodfest

The festival day

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit was packed.  Very busy day with house sitting as well. I like the fact my studio is compact, and everything i could carry.  Got up there via a lift, found Chris and my HQ for the next few hours.

I had a pub table by the stage, got there just gone midday.  Great weather and managed to keep cool, including the laptop.
My first encounter was with, Small Time Heroes. I had missed their set and had chat with them, found out they were local. Great hard edged indie band.  I got the chance to see them live as another bands could not make it and the bad performed for a second time.

I managed to catch Joe Della for about 30 seconds, who is one of the musicians of Mudane Sands.

 Mundane are a fantastic band, who i got to see and film. They have little of the Levellers sounds, with accordian, voilin, bass, guitars and drums. The played Wishing well, which had broadcast the Monday before and they played it live. The song was a number of songs they played from their 2009 album and the only song i noticed thats is drive by a bassline
                                                   This is Mundane Sands, all 7 got on stage
Great performance and i was glad you could hear all the instruments and no being drawned out by anything

Inbetween the folky and indie sounds, we had some local rap talent. 
Half Decent, local duo. The guy up front with great lyrical flow and the Dj on the mac. 
I went down pretty well. Sometimes, you don't know what to expect when you have variety of sounds like, but i liked his style

About 90 minutes after hour chat, Small Time Heroes took to the stage once more i place of another band. Got a chance to see them.  Great, loud, local indie band

Any band that has been to Glastonbury is bound to create a buzz. Before they come to Bodicote
Peerless Pirates had performed at the Avalon stage. 
Although i didn't get the chance to film or broadcast as my batteries had ran out on everything, i got the chance to have chat with the lead guitarist, ( Left) and the bass player ( Right) of Peerless Pirates.
Before i began the long walk back, i had to catch the Pirates.  they did not disappoint. All changed into their pirates gear as was a tight as waist belt, aaarrrrghhh. The guys will not be walking the plank any time soon

It was a great afternoon, first time i have had a stage pass. Although i have interviewed bands and heard bands live before, an outside broadcast i am going to do again.
After the festival i got contacted by Simon Dwight, who had missed the chance to catch me at the festival. We arranged a time and date and he appeared for a radio special on Saturday 20th July

Thanks to music co -ordinator of the event, Chris Oakes for inviting me and clearing a space for the broadcast.
                                                               Link:  Bodfest website       

This is the video i compiled of the day
Bodfest pictures  on my Facebook

Did you perform there, want to perform on radio and have chat, just like Simon did? by all means
contact me here djreadmanuk@gmail.com or pm me on Facebook

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