Thursday, 7 December 2017

My tips on local estate agents with moving

My wife and I have moved a few times. Mainly due to finding lousy estate agents or just places got too small or too big.
We just moved into a two bedroom flat from a 3 bedroom house. We were paying a private landlord who we know. It is not easy to find a good landlord who is solo or going through an estate agent

Local Estate Agents

Pontings Residential: When we first moved we looked on the net. We found these ladies who were very helpful. Moved into a one bedroom flat, great shower, the best bathroom I have ever used. We left as the rent was too expensive. There are hardly any fees. The only downside the range of properties on their book is limited. I don't know why this is because they are great with their tennents

Local Couple
After leaving the Barstow eves rented flat ( Didn't bother mentioning them as they are not good)we rented a three-bedroom house through a couple we know. It has no shower and i tried to find a solution but hit dead-ended. It had a great kitchen, big rooms and front and back gardens. The problem was the landlord never decorated the place before we moved in and after two years it began to show. We then decided to move and found a two bedroom flat

Cherry Lets: This was a very surprising experience. Ran by two ladies in Deddington.  I didn't want to go through another estate agent but we had no chose as estate agents, in general, have the property monopoly.  
There were fees but nothing we couldn't handle. We were shown around, nice place, and a shower. YAY! There was nothing wrong with this place as we could see. The only downside was the ethernet connection was only in the lounge area.
We paid fees and got the keys a few weeks later. We were surprised to find afterthe keys being handed over that the agent had left us a "New tenant" gift, which shocked us both.
Since we moved in at the beginning of November we have found minor issues like a dripping tap. This was sorted out with a plumber coming to view the problem then the next day returning with a new tap. This was within a 72 hour window

I will update this if I remember anything else :)