Monday, 31 March 2014

My experiences with phones

Over the last two years, I have gone through a few phones. I don't really go for a company, like many people do. I want the phone, that is flexible, and also long lasting, in terms of what the phone is made out of.
I began with an iPhone 3GS, but 8 gb doesn't last long at all, in fact 8 gb is pointless.  My reasons for wanting a phone have changed over time.

Originally, it was to test the experience.  I knew nothing of apps, other than the word, which is short for application. Gradually i found out that apps and the way they have been designed are one of the best software developments in modern times.  I prefer them to discs and they are fast for installing and deleting.
My two main thoughts were space for all the apps and battery life, as screens were getting larger

After having a number of phones, i realised, any phone under 16gb is pointless. The operating system takes up  3gb (The is no partition), you are not getting 16 gb at all. No one really tells you this. It is not like a laptop, where there is a partition. In addition to that, every app, no matter what it is, has updates, which takes up more memory. You have to consider these thing before getting a phone in your hand.

The one area that irritates me is the issue of room on phones. Apple, do not have SD card slots on anything they produce. They just shove " The cloud service" in your face...but you have to be connect to a  wifi service to use it. With a SD card slot, you don't have to be connected to anything, its there

Of course, the big one, battery life.  The phone that Samsung produce. Have great battery life.
The only tablet, that holds the torch and better than anything for this is the iPad 2.  This is better than any start phone on the market for battery life.

Over the past 8 -9 months, it's been about games apps.  I do not use my phones for music a i don't like compressed music. Games apps rule waves in my opinion on mobile devices. They are great on tablets

I recently went back to an iPhone. Not because it's an iPhone, but because of the metal shell it is made out of bought a used Iphone 4s. Most phones are made of plastic. I found, plastic wears down easily, with a lot of use.
With the flexibility of the S series, which is manufactured by, Samsung, I am considering an S3.  The issues with the iPhone not having an SD card slot and the easy access of the battery, leans me towards the S series.

You never had smartphone?
Smartphones as basically computers in your hand. Samsung and Apple are the main companies, who everyone goes for, in terms of campanies.

The biggest different between Samsung and Apple phones is software layering.  I admit, an iphone does run pretty smooth as there is less layering. When you get an iphone, is all produced by Apple. Samsung, does not own the Android, operating system which is on all their phones. There is more "Third party" ( Similar situation with all PC laptops ) software on the phones Samsung. This does not make a huge difference, depends what you want to use a phone for.

Samsung sell me on the flexible side, with easy battery removal,(if something goes wrong) SD card slot for extra storage and the options of screen sizes

Iphone: slightly faster phones, no SD card slot, unable to remove battery ( Unless you know what you are doing or say someone else does), operating system owned and run by apple, app store, itunes, run by apple. The phones 4s and up can now be opened without itunes. 

If you only run social apps, you can get practically any phone to run them. The only advice i would give is have a phone over £100. The reason is the screen quality. Some cheap phones are rubbish, you can tell. Also, protect you phone with a screen protector and a case. The vast a number of people i see with cracked screens is unreal. I have never done than, no idea how other people crack screens

This is just my experiences with phones over the last two years

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