Saturday, 2 May 2015

Walking to Oxford, the practices

Like last year, I did a lot of walking. I like walking, especially along the canal.
This year, with, friend, Rhonda and local graphic designer, Darren Cole, we are walking nearly every weekend, from 7 - 14 mile trips, in preparation of the marathon 27 miles walk to, Oxford.
I have been thinking about this for ages, and Darren, also had this in mind.
This, is no easy feet, well, at least, not in the feet. Your body need breaks along the way.
 We have walked to Deddington and back, which was 14 miles including some of the canal and this weekend (2nd May ) to, Cropredy. The next walk is longer than,  Deddington, it's walking to, Brackely. This is not for charity, although, it has crossed me mind, but want to keep it a simple long distance walk.  

Live photo album
With modern technology you keep up live with our walk. I know people love pictures and found out a while ago that I can create, literally, I live album on, Facebook. I can upload pictures as  I am walking, which is pretty cool. There might be video, it depends. 
As Darren, mentioned, when we was walking to Deddington, there is a lot you do not see when you are driving.

We are going with the plan of 10 miles a time to Oxford, but we will tweet that near the time. Next long distance walk, is to, Brackely 

Paul Readman

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