Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Brand new website

Yes, i can code
Why have i not blogged for a while??? Because i have a brand new website
The last few months, i have been finding my feet again, when it comes to website coding. I had a website about ten years ago, luckily, the basics of adding text, images and video, have not changed
Thanks to, Manchester, indie band, The Shambolics, who give me some space on their website, after they got good feedback from me playing their songs on my show back in December 2014.

I thought, oh, fantastic, more space. Then i realised, oh, hold on, how do you write a page again????? I had forgotten.
After finding some old coding pages, and starting from scratch, i now have my first official, Radio Variety Show Website. The look is kind of a banners, paper cut out kind of idea, like a newspaper. I have never been the one to streamline stuff. I actually realised i don't like the way normal text looks on links. Its looks to minimal. I realised as i was making pages, what i was doing when i first had website. The other realisation was i don't like text above an image. I decided to make a banner for every link, kind of like going in the app direction.
I am now happy with the basics, just got to build on that

An App

Since i last had a website, in built pages. apps have become popular. To be honest, i am totally lacking knowledge in the app creation department. In fact i have no clue. I have looked into it a few times, and its like looking at a map, looking away and looking back. Where to go, what to do? Just walking a guess

The Website

Nice and crisp, simple to nagivate, not slow, well, nothing to slow it down

Radio Variety Show Website

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