Monday, 19 January 2015

Yes, more gigs attending:)

At the start of year, i thought i was not going to attend many gigs due to the expense with hotels. The main issue has always been, getting back/ The main factores, the trains stop too early and because of that, additional layout for overnight stay in hotels. I was getting fed up of the public transport system, lack of enthusiasm for gig goers. I have always thought, they would mak a killing, if your laid on trains until at least 2am, thats enough

Oxford gigs
I found out through, Strummer Room Project, gig organiser, Chris Oakes, that the rail service, put on a late train coming back from Oxford,.  Late, as in past midnight.   I went out Friday night to the Jericho Tavern and a great venue it is as well.  I will now being going to Oxford more often to see bands,

After that problem solves, then it another, Birmingham
I have to say, i was pretty shocked at the time, the trains stop from Birmingha, its just crazy. !0.30??
Unitl now, i had not considered coaches. I checked National Express from Birmingham and foudn out to my shock, they lay on coaches through the night.
With that little solution, i am going to see, Naked Lunch, for the first time, in Birmingham. No longer any needs of constant hotel stay overs :)

Now, i can go to more gigs in, Birmingham, and save money :)

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