Thursday, 6 November 2014

Radio Variety Show Patron Campaign

Yes, i have decided, to see how this goes.
The website allows you to build up a followng with monthly subscription.
I love music, love radio presenting, people like my interview technique and i film bands at gigs
This, of course, takes time and money. Thats the reality
The "RVS brand" as i call it, needs its own budget and with that, comes pledges and levels
At the moment, this is what i am offering. This may change with getting permission from musicans

Interview of guests
All footage of bands i film and radio guests
All audio of bands performance
Weekly Radio shows ( This has got to be looked at further)
CD with interview if prefered to digital download
CD or DVD of band footage
Promo CDs before they are released (Got to look into this)
All names mentioned mentioned on each Weekly Preview video i do
More idea may come to me and time passes. The audio from show and video is what i offer many.

Pledge amounts ,rough version
Although i upload videos to youtube, in this case, some things i produce will be for patrons only, or variations, for audio

£1 Your name mentioned in weekly preview videos and at the end

£2   As above, plus your website, Facebook etc link, which will displayed on screen
on each video

£5   As above and website link and logo on website

£10  All above plus special audio track explaining what is coming in the next show ( For this audio has to be different to the visual )

£12.50 All Above and Preview video sent to you with an added video introduction to you

£15.All  above, plus a4 colout poster of Radio Variety Show

£25  All the above, plus a special music Independent music compilation of songs you have heard on my radio shows in plastic wallet

£30. All above and compilation in jewel case

£40  All above and one song from video footage

£50 All above and whole set from previous videos shot and future

£60 All above and an audio interview cut from a show

The main eventers

£100 All four shows from each month. These will be as broadcast.

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

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